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Haidian branch of yongding road police station received a call, citizens Mr Ho said the same day at 2 a. m. - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
On October 9, haidian sub-bureau yongding road police station received a call, the robbery citizens Mr Ho said the same day at 2 am. The police know that Mr. Hu next night shift in the way of that day, suddenly four man who wear a helmet will he stopped with a wrench and folding knife, Mr. Hu's $16000 cash away. Police station immediately report the circumstances branch of Interpol, to carry out the investigation work. Through the string and, investigator found on the same day the ring also in after a few days and has a number. 19, the investigation of police told the group after a meal in a snack bar in dongcheng district near the lama temple, scout decisive attack, red-handed marauding gangs in the ma mou and zhang, zhang x, three, and pursuit in the system on the Internet has released another suspect zhao mou of information. The next day, suspect zhao mou in fengtai. Upon examination, the suspect ma, zhang, zhang x, zhao mou is person of hometown, Beijing can't find the stable work together, every day doing nothing, spend all the money after the bottom of the robbery, illegally buy folding knife, self-defense electric batons, bar and three motorcycle, specially when riding a motorcycle in the morning looking for lone passers-by in the street, with & other; Weapons & throughout; Threat that I hand over the property, if you don't pay to beating or even damage of the Lord, after stealing money threat the Lord is not allowed to call the police, and then ride away. To escape capture and the four groups in the process of robbery, wear a helmet masked rob to mask or clothes, but still quickly all captured by the police. Currently, ma, zhang, zhang x, zhao mou on suspicion of robbery was criminal detention and trial is still in the further.
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