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by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
The Xinhua News Agency - British mistake a car involved in the process of the police investigation, arrested 4 people, complaint and prosecution, finally agreed to pay more than 20000 pounds. Police in London on April 19, 2010 in north London hello investigating armed criminal cases, the vehicles driving to search for the suspect. Surrounded by the police in the evening to intercept and a car, with assault rifles and stun guns pointed to the car four adults, command the other party don't touch, electric batons, or shoot. The police with breaking the window, pulling the driver, his face down, press the strewn with broken glass, on the ground, then handcuffed, arrest and interrogation. Three other people also is pulled out of the car, two of them are put. About 20 minutes later, police released them, admit mistake a car. Four people complain to the city of London police and independent police complaints commission. London police to apologize, but declined to identify, said four people 'appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time'. Complaints commission arguments, support the police dismissed complaints. Four people Sue to the court. Lawyer, Ian, gul said the police in the absence of an at least check will invade, damage to property, detention, belong to the illegal. A spokesman for the metropolitan police told Britain's daily telegraph reporter, the two sides settled out of court in February 20th. Police the plaintiff suffered an apology, but reconciliation doesn't mean the police agreed to take responsibility. Four of the plaintiff 'hit' spirit, one of the women seek counseling. Passenger Nick fairbairn recalled: 'after that, we four people don't sleep well for several months and as long as heard the siren palms sweat. In the evening, we four home, sitting there shaking, looked at each other, don't know what to say, don't know how to restore later. The whole thing is really puzzling, scary. ”
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