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Handcuffs, electric shock stick. 。 。 The kidnappers are online assembled dry in Qingdao ticket - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
A trebuchet. Qingdao news network (December 4, Reporter Chen) Recently, with the support of Internet police detachment of Qingdao city public security bureau, cieme public security bureau police brigade in conjunction with the Internet police brigade, tongji police station and other units, successfully detected with planned implementation of kidnapping, captured the criminal suspect in XXX ( Male, 28, cieme area) , XXL one ( Male, 46, shijiazhuang city, hebei province) , eliminates the significant social hidden trouble in time, to strike hard and punish qiu dong offensive action added. Suspects identified the scene. In early November, Internet police detachment is important case clues together, an online alias 'blue sky' is to spread the message everywhere, electric batons, and a public invitation, said they have the right to kidnap object, the hope can have a 'professional' with 'earn some money flower', and a claims that the suspect had to accept the invitation, 'K' to cieme. After get clues, cieme, police attaches great importance to set up some house. After verification, determine the true identity of 'blue sky' success for cieme zone move wind shop town in XXX, is a social idle. And seized in their stay in handcuffs, folding knives, electric shock stick, tape, gloves and other means. Suspects identified the scene. In the face of powerful interrogation offensive, suspect tear in so-and-so psychological line of defense, his large debts by network gambling, hope to accumulate wealth by kidnapping. In so-and-so also told police that he had found on the web a pseudonym 'K' partner, two people after cieme joint, make joint plans for crime, and scouting around cieme area, looking for a more suitable object of crime, also selected the crime and the hiding place. Suspect to commit crime. According to the confession in so-and-so, astonished successfully identified the 'K' for HeBeiJi XXL one's true identity information, successively in hebei, anhui, zhejiang and other places to its organisation catch. On November 22, in wenzhou, zhejiang province with the cooperation of the police, some successful XXL would suspect a captured. With planned implementation kidnapping is solved. At present, criminal suspects in so-and-so, Chen has been criminal detention according to law, the case is under further scrutiny.
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