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Handmade lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

the hakka niang wine efficacy: hakka niang wine aroma is rich, low content of ethanol, can help the blood circulation, has the effect of yangxue raise colour, relaxes the muscles loose. Hakka niang wine is hakka commonly used tonic, good to fill five zang-organs, tomifying qi and blood, spleen and stomach, treatment is deficient. Hakka commonly used chicken niang niang wine wine do to nourish the body, is recovering to recover, fill body, galactagogue best food. Niang wine chicken smell glycol, and cold temperature, the effect of yangxue beauty, strengthen physical health. Ordering hotline: taobao wangwang no. : pan hakka food taobao site

ing guitar making steps ( ) A harp trim edge glued fingerboard with piano key: in the whole process of piano should undertake in smoke wet room, control the guitar wall surface fineness can change the tone, for example, if you want to guitar sound more elegant, with partial hard rosewood, and grinding inner surface more smooth, if need to make the sound more vicissitudes of life was made of soft wood to the side panel and have done relatively coarse surface, but they are just one aspect, really to do control tone is the need to cooperate to do it. This is the factory batch jean couldn't do it, but experienced luthier manually can according to user requirements to make satisfactory sound. Trim edge points: trim the edge of the step is at the beginning of a lot of schooling of the harp bottlenecks, need after repeated training to master, especially when opening the back ruffles slot to slot, according to the radian of the back to split modified tools in the tank, if the tank drive too, so the back of the steps will cause difficulties, making the step is not reversible, if you use power tools sometimes as long as a carelessly will be reversed, so doing certain parts with other wood do first when you need to test, it was not until after the fluent use formally. The importance of the fingerboard: refers to the board to use the ebony, good fingerboard materials can improve the voice quality granularity, do ebony fingerboard in years may be shrinking, so you need to store for many years, make wood fully stable contraction, such ability can reduce because of the fingerboard contraction caused by product silk outstanding hand, refers to the board to stick on the neck and top grade silk again after this money can be put in the top grade silk neck Angle adjustment is good, my approach is to stick to good quality silk on the fingerboard, but this approach will be ahead of the Angle of the neck is good, otherwise after stick on fingerboard, there is no way to adjust.

ing hand-made guitar step ( ) Neck part fans asked me to take a lot of guitar making a guitar making video for their reference and learning, so I was shot in the years to better the video, but when the real finishing found that is not a easy thing, want to use video software repeated splicing, everything comes to him who waits, spent several days finally put the first a video done, I hope I made this video can play the role of the topic, also please tell me if you have good Suggestions, so that you can help me to do better. This video is divided into sets, today is the first set: put the neck part of the importance of the preparation work: many people think bought wood can do directly to the piano, but it is not the case, just for the neck, the first selection, the best handle material is Honduras as Korean pine, the second is the peach blossom core wood, in addition to the need in the aspect of cutting tangent, should choose wood grain straight, and then to store several years, the longer the storage time, the better, like wood and air oxidation lighter harden elastic, can work as a guitar, one in front of the assembly to do accessories, neck, face plate, side plate materials are put in a room, so try to keep consistency, cut beam frame of the panel is also a good place, natural drying time, to use in wet room inside complete bonding, a lot of people ask me how long does it take to do a lute, actually assembly is one less than a month to complete, but preparations are sometimes a few years! Do a good piano sound will have prepared, is can not make good piano, do not immediately can make very good piano. Neck key note: neck design first, do a style after a period of time is fixed, because to do manual average person see jean jean, you know who is doing. 琴头关键是要对准中心线,弦轴孔要有一点点间隔,防止木头收录缩后轴太凝重。 请留意识视此时结尾那个弦轴槽角度,要征不浓琴弦琴头岁卒业( The figure in the circle) , in order to prevent deformation of the neck is generally in the middle of the neck and ebony, and can also be slot on one side, so some not have ebony behind the neck, but it also added in inside, this need by producers of special specifications. Ing (date) (month) (year)

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