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Hangzhou retail pharmacies will halt to the sale of fever cough medicine - treatment Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
People in Beijing on February 8, according to hangzhou daily news official microblogging 8, market supervision and administration of hangzhou, hangzhou emergency medical security bureau issued the moratorium on the city's all retail pharmacy sales fever cough medicine emergency notice - — District and county ( City) Market supervision and administration, health care, Points) Bureau, all retail pharmacies: given the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the situation, in order to further strengthen the management of patients with fever, cough, according to hangzhou new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak of infection prevention and control headquarters requirements, decision since February 8, 2020, the city's all retail pharmacies to suspend sales in the treatment of fever, cough medicines to the citizen, citizens have these symptoms should go to hospital as soon as possible. ( This notice is only used to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak of major public health emergency level during the response) 。 ( Coordinating editor: Cao Kun, 闫嘉琪) People's Daily, the client download mobile people people's video download client ZhiYun client download message board client download people's wisdom as recommended reading endowment service areas in our country the first mandatory national standard, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs official website released on December 27, 2019, the state administration of market supervision and management of the public announcement, the national standardization management committee, formally approved the pension agency services security basic specification ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'specification') Mandatory national standards and shall be promulgated. 【 Detailed 】 Xian: illness in the elderly may have 'nursing leave' care for hospitalized children | jiangsu: by 2022 lottery welfare fund more than 55% for development of old-age service emergency management department issued 2019 emergency rescue and production safety accidents has ten typical cases, and emergency management department under the State Council together with the committee office, the national disaster reduction committee office for all kinds of emergent disaster accident case in 2019, announced the emergency rescue, production safety accidents each ten typical cases, electric batons, and sums up the experience of successful rescue. 【 Detailed 】 Home appliance safety use fixed number of year series standard released | sun fire more joint department of logistics security hidden danger
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