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Harbin city buy gold platinum diamond ring

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

Goldman JiMaiXing repurchase for a long time, the displacement, sales, purchasing the first-line brand luxury goods, leather bags, accessories, small leather goods, jewelry, watch, pen, lighter, etc. , on-site assessment, instant, brands such as LV, Gucci, Gucci, Prada, the Prada, Cartier, Cartier Hemes hermes, ferragamo, a gleam of international luxury brands such as montblanc, specific include:
. Bags, such as LV, Gucci, Prada, hermes, Cartier, ferragamo and other first-line brand handbag, backpack, inclined shoulder bag, wallet etc length, the repurchase price is reasonable, at the same time support the store replacement.
  . Accessories, jewelry, such as Louis vuitton, bulgari, Cartier, Gucci, tiffany silver bracelet, K gold, rose gold, white gold ring ring, diamond rings, pendants and other accessories.
  . Small leather goods, belts, wallets, Louis vuitton, hermes, Gucci, Prada and so on brand.
  . Wrist watches, watch of wrist of luxury brands to buy back replacement, such as hermes, bulgari, brands such as Cartier.
  . The world watches, omega, longines, Cartier, tissot, rolex, universal, pei na sea, Hamilton, Abby, GP, JL product family brands such as watches all can repurchase replacement, the price is reasonable.
  . Famous brand pen, or lighter class: brand including Cartier, montblanc brand, etc.
  【 Vertu rittal cell phone recycling, LV bag, Gucci, hermes, Prada luxury brands such as recycling 】
the company at the same time can also act as purchasing agency and sales all kinds of new luxury goods and the world watches, counters discount to fold, commodity fidelity, support agencies to identify!
  【 Samsung tablet 】 : Galaxy note series, series of Galaxy Tab, inch version, version, N, N, N, N, N both legal channels, such as iphone OuXing, all can buy back, the optimal price, welcome to inquire!
  【 Samsung mobile phones, nokia mobile phone 】 : samsung,,, GT - The furious, GT - ,GT- The furious, Nnote, W, W, W samsung mobile phones, such as recycling the city's highest price, recycling machine for nokia:,,,,,,, the company series such as mobile phone, or antique machine, such as E, N, N, Ni, N,
this shop in addition to the recovery of luxury and world watches, at the same time also recycle all kinds of 【 Gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamond ring, all kinds of diamond, mink, all kinds of digital products, mobile phones, computers, tablets, SLR cameras and other valuables. , idle goods to provide one-stop service for you, welcome you to deal with.
  【 Gold, platinum recovery] : each brand gold jewelry ( Pure gold, pure gold) , K platinum, the Mosaic gold jewelry, platinum PT, platinum and other precious jewelry PT, price is the price is subject to the day! 【 Commitment: if no special reason, loss of travel, travel point 】
'prompt: chow tai fook, chow sang sang, tse sui-luen, old phoenix, the old temple, China's gold, such as tide acer brand price is a little higher,'
' Gold, platinum handicraft collection 】 : each big bank and pure gold brand issue of collection of gold, collection inlaying gold bars, collect article silver, gold handicraft furnishing articles, etc all can repurchase 【 Required to provide identification certificate and purchase bill 】
  【 Diamond jewelry collection 】 Various brands of second-hand new diamond ring' Single drill, Howe set 】 Diamond, diamond bracelet, pendant, diamond rings, diamond ornaments such as naked drill 【 According to the grades of diamond to the price, if no certificate, our shop also can evaluate and assess the price is reasonable, welcome to handle the 】
  【 Our repo goods and selling goods, only do the real thing, genuine, please rest assured! 】
  【 Source of goods this shop is not accepted, please self-respect! 】
  【 If you need my company's on-site service, please call in advance to make an appointment! 】
welcome to Harbin city surrounding city' ,,,, acheng, shuangcheng 】 Friend come to my company to deal with business.
holidays, whether it is eleven, May Day, Spring Festival, as long as you need, we will appear on your side!
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