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Headtitle id = title in the grocery store assembly lighters into hidden onlooker - by 5 host

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

long town shop ryu since months ago, ignore the family and neighbors, three-wheeled motorcycle driving many times from out-of-town transportation semi-finished lighters to the management of the grocery store together. Month, ryu for illegal transportation, storage substance was mechanism administration 5, and confiscate lighters.
this month, ryu because grocery store business so bad, and play while running a grocery store business assembly lighters for toll fee generative idea in the shop. And ryu has four driving their three-wheeled motorcycle to cool a lighter factory town, total transport a semi-finished lighters accessories shop back to long town its in-store assembling, ready to after all assembled, once again will be finished cigarette lighter to break cool for processing factory. Ryu will lighters to store in the corner of the store, not only for their own safety brought hidden trouble, and endanger the neighbor's safety.
month, jurisdiction long shop in household disguise, seized on the number of cigarette lighter. To the bill, ryu of illegal transportation, storage material illegal confessed. ( Sun Chunwang Allies)
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