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Hefei a zoo chimpanzees to flee: cop with stun guns reinforcements - present Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
On July 12 at 9 a. m. , hefei wildlife park a gorilla escaped from the beast up, then by police and zoo staff timely blocking in the park, now still in campus and police confrontation, police have carrying stun guns reinforcements. According to witness Mr. Li, today 9 o 'clock, he brought his family to visit hefei wildlife park, see a black gorilla from side pass by, electric batons, police are caught up with a gun. Then staff quickly informed that they hurriedly withdraw, said orangutan aggressive, better than tiger leopard. At present, a wildlife park has been closed closed the ticket, the park visitors out YuanHou will refund to the original model.
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