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Hefei: man robbed a lottery shop with electric batons cut too less money saleswoman ( Figure) ( 2) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Core tip: yesterday around half past eleven in the morning, Dan Station Road and anhui hefei branch jiaokou river near a lottery shop, shop girl xiaomei ( Not his real name) Is a busy. At this time, a man wearing a baseball cap into the store, from bags to come up with electric batons and knives robbed. After the cash to hundreds of yuan, and the rough man asked for more money, run away also cuttings in the salesgirl xiaomei. After the incident, heard the clerk for help, injured several concerned citizen participation ZhuiDu, near to the criminal suspect or narrowly escaped. Too less money, the suspect injured staff our reporter learned from hefei the third people's hospital yesterday afternoon, the injured female clerk may be delivered, the arm a few places have been cut, and several body soft tissue contusion, should be hard slam, but not particularly serious injury. Reporter yesterday evening was robbed on the road again came to the stone stage lottery shop, saw the wounded clerk xiaomei's brother, he is also the lottery shop boss. He told the reporters, lottery shop business lottery and be at the same time, the usual store are two people on duty, but because of recent home occupy, he didn't let my sister may a person watch shop, I didn't expect the robbery happened. “ My sister is startled, now a little afraid of diagnosis, treatment in the hospital after went to the vice squad for the record. ” Xiaomei's brother told reporters, according to xiaomei description, rob is a young man, should be in the future before the store. Before things happen, he walked into the store to pretend to buy lottery tickets, electric batons, took more than 30 dollars welfare lottery tickets, ready to pay took out a razor when start looting. “ When xiaomei gave the robber, the day all the cash but too less money, electricity stick beat her, electric batons, let her take out more money. ” An insider told reporters at the scene, then may try to resist, rob the man took out a knife cut her arm, she pushed it and ran out of the restaurant.
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