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Hefei xinqiao airport seized various 'exotic' contraband was defibrillator - U disk size items Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Recently, hefei xinqiao airport often have seized several new banned items, although these different shapes of contraband, strong concealment, but he can't escape the subject & other Critical & throughout; 。 U disk the size of the items was stun guns around 14 PM on November 4, security operating crew WuZhenNing on a male passenger's carry-on luggage for inspection, found a small items inside device similar to the U disk is very suspicious, and then get out of the way package engineer to check their bags. Open bags from bags to come up with this item, the passenger claimed to be a flashlight, and demonstrates the flashlight function. But careful X-ray is not a simple disposal, but the item alone again through the X-ray machine for inspection, carefully identify its internal structure, through appearance than to check again, found in & other; The flashlight & throughout; The little switch at the bottom there is a secret, if the small switch is closed, electric batons monopoly network, really just a flashlight, but if the small switch, electric batons, have electric shock function, press the shock button issue & other; Spluttered pa & throughout; The electric shock. Ordinary bracelet hidden magnesium rod flint around 11:30 a. m. on November 6, when operating crew WeiHeng safety inspection, found a stacked cell phone, keys and COINS in the men's handbags are a bit uncertain linear objects, suspected magnesium rod flint device, then notify the member key check the bag is opened. X-ray found a black umbrella rope weaving bracelets, seemingly and ordinary bracelet makes no difference, but have a plug can be pulled out. When unpacking member pull out plug buckle, found a built-in magnesium rods and the carbon blade metal fire. After asking, this is a new kind of wild survival bracelet, when magnesium rod and metal blade friction, can produce sparks, is a kind of typical field survival gear. Block is made of smoke & other Throughout smoke bread &; On November 14th morning, X-ray Jin Lun in a passenger's bag, found that more than a pile of shape consistent massive objects. Due to the quality of a material is special, the color of the present a suspicious, uphold the principle of rigorous earnest work, immediately asked passengers to open your luggage for inspection, then the package found the only seen in training learning prohibited item. Cakes, composed of sulphur and sawdust, mainly used in the manufacture of smoke, when using only broke off a small piece of lit with lighter, can produce a large amount of smoke, if accidentally ignited on the plane, consequence is unimaginable. While it is in the process of checking the present state is salt and portable package, warm baby similar, such as low recognition degree. Through the communication, the passengers agreed to discard it. ( Fang Mingyang sun Yang Yang)
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