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High-energy explosion-proof igniter manufacturers in xi 'an which is good

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Using high energy ignition method is different, this is because the heat engine rotor position and on the remote control aircraft engine installation method is different. Today, we will introduce the structure and use of high-energy ignition method. The high energy ignition heat engine, based on current hot rotor heating, usually on the hot rotor 1. 5 v voltage. If the voltage is too high will shorten the heat rotor life, burn out the heating coil; And under voltage coil cannot be fever, unable to start the engine. The power of the high energy ignition device, generally choose dry batteries, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer batteries, etc. In addition, there are 2 v lead-acid batteries with resistance step-down method, but it is not common. Must, in accordance with the structure of the remote control aircraft and engine, not to fall off because of engine vibration for the guidelines, select the connection hot rotor electrode method. Also, mastering the technique of start quickly remove the power supply. Hot rotor ignition both power supply ( Battery or battery) And the contact point ( Electric socket or clip) One-piece structure, split type structure. One-piece hot rotor igniter is compact, carrying, the price is cheap, good, also known as the 'pocket-sized ignition'. Split type hot rotor ignition power supply and power supply through a wire connection and contact contact, also called 'igniter wire type'. This ignition are characterized by high prices, is used for power supply variety as the characteristic, support the 12 v lead-acid batteries or 18 v 15 nimh batteries. High energy ignition failure include: hot rotor heating wire disconnection, ignition wire poor contact or break line, battery voltage, etc. Especially for beginners, the common problem is feeling hot rotor igniter charge electricity, hot fire head should be fever, actually this kind of idea is wrong; What would be the right way to confirm on the hot rotor igniter with confirm whether there is a current through the ammeter. Installed in thermal rotor ignition current meter, for example, no reaction, and connection after hot rotor can fever, this suggests that drops may be hot rotor heating wire. In addition, the move socket parts, if the meter pointer deflection is not stable, may be caused by poor contact circuit. Or, although there are deflection meter pointer, but small deflection amplitude, also may be insufficient battery capacity. Now, one-piece igniter and split type igniter introduced products containing the function such as meters.
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