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High energy ignition heat boiler fuel

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
The analysis of the causes of the fuel system is thirsty, l) Because of the heavy oil gun is actually burning light oil, the original design of the 3rd level becomes high energy ignition pulverized coal ignition a light oil, light oil, much more clearly a link, increased the difficulty of ignition. ( 2) Ignition difficulty: the original light oil system and point of oil gun fire wind system, fire detection, high-energy ignition point, oil gun metal hose, fire wind metal hose, valve, instrument, such as spray fire bell mouth parts damage over a third; The light oil gun design output is only 95 kg, small oil gun exit aperture, oil gun jams often; Igniter and the light oil gun is fixed, the light oil gun fire ignition head in oil gun fire, after the igniter increased ignition difficulty burn out more of the above reasons, make each lit AA layer 4 heavy oil gun should be 2 h or longer. Improvement program level 3 ignition secondary ignition: due to the heavy oil burning is actually the light oil gun, can use high-energy ignition direct lighting, isolation without the original light oil system, to avoid a little bit of heat gun firing difficult trouble. The high energy ignition is telescopic, driven by compressed air, lighter forward, lighter exit after 305, reduce the failure rate of high energy ignition. The improved secondary ignition is: high-energy pulverized coal ignition a light oil. Atomizing oil gun by steam instead of mechanical atomizing: AA, the BC layer instead of mechanical atomizing oil gun, two layer resect atomizing oil gun steam pipe, due to the oil gun after shutdown, residual oil in oil gun easy slagging carbide under high temperature baking, blocking oil gun spray head, therefore in the transformation of retained oil gun scavenging pipeline, so that the oil gun purging residual oil after shutdown. After the coal pulverizing system was put into operation, the fuel system improvement schemes due to the lack of gas with powder, fuel quantity increase, as the case to the BC layer oil gun phasing out; After they cast powder AA layer oil gun spray head to replace the output of single oil gun is 0. 7 cafe, so that can not only guarantee the need of stable combustion, and milling as early as possible, as early as powder, can make the unit according to the curve. ( 1) Output of the oil gun is as long as it can meet the needs of the unit start-up and stable-combustion can, can't be too big. Because of the unit and stable-combustion are required the oil gun is not the same as the output, so the oil gun output should be adjustable, this point on the equipment type selection should be attention. ( 2) Designed fuel system and ignition mode should be simple, complex system will lead to the boot process, equipment failure, large amount of maintenance. ( 3) Before starting the unit should be early to prepare, eliminating defects in a timely manner.
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