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High energy ignition high-energy ignition device (the correct way of using the Note)

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
High energy ignition high-energy ignition device (the correct way of using the Note) At present many industries can use high-energy ignition, such as coal chemical industry, natural gas and iron and steel metallurgy and other industries need to high-energy ignition, literally understanding is used for ignition, operation is simple. Although ignition this word sounds simple, but for some factories, it is able to let the workshop to carry out the operation. The room that USES high-energy ignition is mostly in the factory, and factory is the important industry in the country areas, it can make these industrial stoves smooth start the ignition. So many factories depend on this kind of equipment. Since this equipment is so good, so when use what matters need attention to ensure the normal operation of the high energy ignition? 1. In the ignition, the first to open the first ignition device, after injection ignition or a jet ignition. 2. The ignition time the sooner the better, it is advisable to keep within 30 seconds. If the ignition time was more than 30 seconds, then rest for 1 minute to use first, use for a long time will affect the high energy ignition performance; In ignition, for the sake of safety, to give combustion-supporting wind to close, only to wait until after lit a fire to increase the fire in the open the combustion-supporting wind, let the fire. 3. Fuel atomization effect to good, otherwise it will affect to the ignition success rate. Common factory when using, pay more attention to the issues of high-energy ignition, so as to guarantee the smooth ignition, carried out for the workshop operations.
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