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High-energy ignition installation and debugging matters needing attention

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
A, the installation of high-energy ignition is one specialized is engaged in the combustion and combustion automatic control equipment design, manufacture, sales and service as one of the high-tech co. , LTD. , each big enterprise cooperation, good reputation, the industry below by green, head of the high-energy explain high-energy ignition gas installation steps and matters needing attention. 1, if you use high energy ignition alone for bolt fastener horizontal or vertical installation is firm; If to control box available screw on the control box bottom: 2, the device should be grounding protection or protection by zero; 3, high-pressure shielded ignition cable at the ends of the nut for conventional M18 * 1. 0 or M18 * 1. 5, respectively, and the output of the igniter and the burning torch input end thread screw, both ends must be tight and fit closely center electrode; If there is gap between electrodes, will cause the center electrode discharge burning-out; 4, high-energy ignition rod ignition end installed in front of the burner nozzle 30 ~ 50 mm, take smaller distance gas burner, such as fuel should be into fuel area concentration the most secret place; Based on steady burner backflow and oil gun jet Angle of the specific circumstances to determine the L, experience of 100 ~ 150, mm5, high-energy ignition after installation, debugging, connect the power supply should be able to reliable ignition; When the power supply voltage is too low, when the ignition frequency is slow, adjust transformer secondary output welding line, the secondary voltage rise; When the power supply voltage is too high, fast firing frequency, adjust transformer secondary output welding line, the lower the secondary voltage. Note: device with high pressure, conductive parts of the equipment don't contact electric ignition device. 2, 1, high-energy ignition operation and use of high-energy ignition system when not connected to the ignition cable, high-energy ignition rod, do not live; Otherwise it will damage the device; 2, check before use high-energy ignition, should be properly connected, reliable contact, high-energy ignition rod combustion side position to set 3, high-energy ignition some devices are operated at high load, should strictly abide by the provisions of the working cycle; 4, high-energy ignition during downtime for a long time, must cut off power system; 5, the ignition device for high energy ignition device, ignition end resistance to carbon deposition, in the case of carbon deposit can also be lighter, so the user is in use process does not need to clean up the ignition end, can be at ease use. 6, every time the ignition time the longest cannot exceed 30 s, point fire immediately after turning off the power of the ignition system. 7, high-energy ignition of maintenance should be carried out after the cut off power supply for 5 minutes.
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