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High-energy ignition transformer what the advantage of igniter

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
High-energy ignition ignition transformers compared what are the advantages in high energy ignition sales, often encounter a lot of customers friend will say: 'only a few hundred dollars, an ignition transformer and high-energy ignition a you to thousands of dollars, I why want with you', today is to introduce you to high-energy ignition exactly what are the advantages. Normal ignition transformers: use transformer output is more than 6 kv high voltage, generated by discharge breakdown ignition electrode distance air plasma arc as a flaming fire, but if there is any oil, water, tar and other medium adhesion on the ignition electrode, cannot produce arc, so there is no oil resistance, water resistance, resistance to coking; Ordinary transformer of arc ignition distance is in commonly 3 ~ 5 mm, it is difficult to accurately adjust, control; Electrode insulation is always a problem, often using ceramic protection tube, in premixed burner ( Burner/ever-burning lamps) On application, if through the premixed gas chamber of a part of the fracture, is likely to produce arc in the aperture of fracture and the outer wall, ignition danger such as pre-mix chamber mixed gas deflagration XT - The ignition transformer XT - 8 The ignition transformer XT - 8 8日,XT - 10 ignition transformer high-energy ignition: mainly used in industrial gas, fuel kiln, boiler, chemical waste gas, coking mills exhaust and places of various ignition ignition is required, by the high energy ignition, ignition cable, ignition rod box of three parts. Use 220 v, 50 hz alternating current (ac), through the voltage step-up transformer reach higher than 2500 v, after rectification for energy storage capacitor charging, when charging voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage of the built-in discharge tube, the energy storage capacitor voltage after discharge tube after the ignition cable and ignition rod, to discharge of semiconductor electric nozzle, electric nozzle poles are a peak under the action of high voltage pulse energy, produce strong electric spark in the semiconductor surface, as lit the fire, do not need to adjust the electrode distance; Capacitor energy storage, ignition energy; Semiconductor electric nozzle has a strong self-cleaning ability, is not affected by atmosphere pollution, oil resistance, water resistance, resistance to coking, high temperature resistant, long service life. No voltage, current, the ignition rod outer wall does not cause harm to human body, holding a safe, reliable and convenient. XLGND - 20 high energy ignition
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