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High-energy ignition troubleshooting

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Will be confronted with what you're using high energy ignition failure, under normal circumstances you can smooth operation, once appear, fault do you know how to solve the problem? Green energy in this article made a detailed introduction for you, ensure that you complete the work smoothly in the process of production. Introduction of high-energy ignition mainly adopts capacitor energy storage principle of discharge, the power frequency power supply through the booster, after rectification for 3000 v dc to high energy storage capacitor charging. Using gas discharge tube to control switch components, high-voltage breakdown on the capacitor discharge tube, fast ignitor for semiconductors discharge, pulsed arc. 2 part of high-energy ignition by high-energy ignition controller, high voltage cable, ignition rod ( Conductive pole, high-power semiconductor resistance) Of three parts. 3 use place high energy ignition is suitable for power plant boiler, coal chemical industry, natural gas and petroleum chemical plant, steel metallurgical and other industries and other sectors of tossing the torch ignition device, a variety of industrial boilers, coking furnace, industrial furnace, such as garbage incinerator start firing and explosion coating equipment, pulse detonation soot blower ignition and starting ignition of various kinds of industrial burner. Fuel oil varieties: combustible gas, alcohol, good atomization of diesel oil, kerosene, etc. , are reliable. 4 use note 1. Ignition, should first open ignition device, then the injection ( Gas) Ignition, general ignition time can't more than 30 seconds. 2. Ignition, combustion little wind, fire and then gradually increase combustion-supporting wind. 3. Fuel should be good atomization, atomization effect when the poor quality ignition success rate. 4. Ignition device for 30 seconds, should be 1 minutes rest again, avoid the continuous use for a long time. 5 malfunctions and troubleshooting phenomenon: igniter and light cable joint cause analysis: igniter in contact with the cable adverse elimination method: connect a prison corresponding parts fault phenomenon: ignition misfire cause analysis: 1, the system didn't plug in 2, cables and igniter or musket poor contact 3, cable short circuit or open circuit 4, gun damage point 5, damage of igniter
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