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High energy ignition, ultraviolet flame monitor application in oil fields

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
High energy ignition, ultraviolet flame detector, flame-out protection alarm control box has been applied in several domestic oilfield, such as changqing oilfield, liaohe oilfield, zhongyuan oilfield, huabei oilfield, etc. High-energy ignition is a principle of semiconductor creeping discharge, spark energy has great resistance to coking self-purification ability, low voltage high energy safe, reliable, and is mainly composed of three parts: the igniter case, ignition, ignition cable, ignition of rod, ignition cable according to the working condition of non-standard custom, reliable lighting gas, methane gas, coke oven gas and atomized diesel, gasoline, oil, etc. Ultraviolet flame monitor is a non-contact flame monitor, it is mainly used for gas burner flame monitoring, fuel industry, the monitor only to produce ultraviolet sensitive, do not respond to light and high temperature radiation furnace, strong anti-jamming. An automatic ignition control ignition device, automatic ignition and open the fuel valve. Within the set time not lit, controller automatically shut off the fuel valve and alarm, such as ignition success, maintain the normal supply of fuel.
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