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High energy ignition use should pay attention to what?

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
High energy ignition use should pay attention to what? Green can provide you with high precision abundant high energy ignition information, the main contents include: high-energy ignition, high-energy ignition commodity price is introduced, high-energy ignition images, high-energy ignition using method and maintenance of high energy ignition. For you to refer to a selection. High-energy ignition using method, structure a high-energy ignition by high energy ignition device, high-energy ignition rod and high energy ignition cable of three parts, the most easily broken is the high energy ignition rod, internal use ceramic parts, so can't heavy fall, need light to take light put, users don't often landed in the process of using ignition pole ( Booster, firing gun) To clean up the ignition end. Second, the matters needing attention and the 1. Green high energy ignition device for high energy ignition device, ignition end resistance to carbon deposition, coking resistance, in the case of carbon deposit can be lighter. 2. To prevent ignition transformer and discharge tube was burn out, every time the ignition time the longest cannot exceed 30 s, point fire immediately after turning off the power of the ignition system. 3. The ignition rod front is a special structure, the user can't ignition rod sawing a piece after use. Uphold the integrity, win-win competition! Looking forward to the cooperation with you. Professional procurement consultant service for you.
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