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High energy ignition using matters needing attention

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
High energy ignition operation and use of 1, high-energy ignition when not connected to the ignition cable, high-energy ignition rod, do not live; Otherwise it will damage the device; 2, check before use high-energy ignition, should be properly connected, reliable contact, high-energy ignition rod combustion side position to set 3, high-energy ignition some devices are operated at high load, should strictly abide by the provisions of the working cycle; 4, high-energy ignition during downtime for a long time, must cut off power system; 5, the ignition device for high energy ignition device, ignition end resistance to carbon deposition, in the case of carbon deposit can also be lighter, so the user is in use process does not need to clean up the ignition end, can be at ease use. 6, every time the ignition time the longest cannot exceed 30 s, point fire immediately after turning off the power of the ignition system. 7, high-energy ignition of maintenance should be carried out after the cut off power supply for 5 minutes. Our company main business: high-energy ignition, portable high-energy ignition, explosion-proof series of high-energy ignition flame detector, ultraviolet flame detector, ionization type flame detector automatic ignition control box, ignition monitoring control box, flame-out protection alarm control box, coke oven gas, methane gas torch ignition control ignition torch ignition control transformers series, ignition electrode, ion probe combustion control products, etc
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