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High-grade cigarette lighter fuel is environmental protection

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

chutian 27-27 ( Reporter Cheng Ying) Complete this newspaper men's 'six small' above all, was the day after, cause readers enthusiastic responses. A reader calls says they have six small a circle of men, the total price is in ten thousand yuan of above, have a question want to reporters after at the same time, the lighter is using all of these mentioned in the article aviation kerosene, it is said that this kind of oil may cause cancer, is it true?
reporter learned that the brand counter, givenchy is lighter gas lighters, original lighter gas is made in Japan, it is butane gas. The zippo lighter fuel is the original of aviation kerosene, commonly known as the zippo oil, can cause cancer detection need to professional institutions.
about whether the lighter fuel burning when smoking causes cancer, reporter consulting the public health, wuhan university professor Liao Haolei clinical epidemiological study center. Chemical raw materials, he said, after combustion exhaust gas is carcinogenic substance, like vehicle exhaust have to human body. And cigarette burning to produce kind of carcinogen, smoking is very unhealthy.
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