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High school students sleep dead! Terrified the policewomen with stun guns 'hum' were suspended - wake up her Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
The northern headlines, toutiao. hebtv。 Com stun gun can make people lose their ability to fight back. ( Figure) Ohio has a high school male students sleeping in class, all the teachers, the interim President, also can't let he opened his eyes, a policewoman in residence Bosch, ( Maryssa Boskoski) Be notified after went to the classroom, but she is out of the stun guns and start, buzzing sound finally awakened the male student, she has suspended the investigation. The Washington post reports that the freedom of preparatory school ( 自由预备学校) Does not release the identity of male students, but in the notification letter wrote police improper use stun guns, 'a. , the police tried to stun guns to wake the sleeping student, there are other students around, there was no any students get hurt. 'Bosch, is also the member of the us air force reserve command, she in part-time. , police, she came into the classroom at that time, under the attention of many students, she took out stun gun and pull the trigger, followed is electronic buzzing sound, although awakened and let the male student but she also suspended the investigation. Stun guns can pass 50000 volts, with strong sense of pain, paralysis, although has not really use tools to touch policewoman male student body, or cause. . , police chief fink ( Howard Funk) , said that he was disappointed that, Bosch, disciplined previously because the taser related events. The policewoman behavior angered the school, the most serious could face prosecution. Interim President jenna ( Jenna Parnell) Say, Bosch, no prior informed they will pull out a gun, schools have a responsibility to protect the safety of students, the move to startle and inappropriate. 'Post' in 2015, according to a study if used properly, stun guns are usually safe, also can prevent the police and the civilians were wounded, but if the improper use, or officials don't abide by the tool of guide, will increase the risk of death or injury. Although stun guns was originally for the police to reduce use pistols, but has been associated with several 10 deaths, electric batons, especially the trickier on campus, because the police encounter aggressive person is usually a child. Oklahoma in April 2015 was also a famous police officer took pistol is stun guns, shot and killed a black man. The northern headlines, toutiao. hebtv。 Com 0 people praise
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