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High voltage generator manufacturer--basic working principle of transformers

High voltage generator manufacturer--basic working principle of transformers


Transformers are used in almost all electronic products. Its principle is simple but the winding process of the transformer will have different requirements according to different use occasions (different uses). The role of the transformer is to change the voltage.

Transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage, the main components are the primary coil, secondary coil and iron core (magnetic core). The main functions are: voltage transformation, current transformation, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage stabilization (magnetic saturation transformer), etc.

Iron core shape of Transformer is generally E - type and C - type iron core.

The most basic type of transformer includes two sets of wire-wound coils, and they are called together in an inductive manner. When an AC current (with a known frequency) flows in one of the coils, an AC voltage with the same frequency will be induced in the other coil, and the magnitude of the induced voltage depends on the coupling of the two coils and the magnetic cross Degree of chain

Generally speaking, the coil connected to the AC power supply is called Primary Coil; the voltage across this coil is called "primary voltage." The induced voltage in the secondary coil may be greater or less than the primary voltage, which is determined by the "turn ratio" between the primary coil and the secondary coil. Therefore, the transformer is divided into two types of step-up and step-down transformers.

Most transformers have fixed iron cores, with primary and secondary coils wound on them. Based on the high magnetic permeability of iron, most of the magnetic flux is confined in the iron core. The working principle of the transformer is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The transformer has two sets of coils:primary coil and secondary coil. The secondary coil is outside the primary coil. When alternating current is applied to the primary coil, the transformer core generates an alternating magnetic field, and the secondary coil generates an induced electromotive force. The turns ratio of the transformer coil is equal to the voltage ratio.

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