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High voltage ignition manufacturer to tell you the principle of pulse ignitor

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
So-called pulse igniter, referred to as 'pulse, continuity instantaneous electric spark is produced using the pulse principle, thus light gas stove fire electronic products. With the improvement of industrial technology, the production cost of pulse has reduced the interview, has been widely applied to high-end products, gas stove has made great customer use, improves the automation level of products. Pulse igniter, is to use the high pressure discharge of electric spark to ignite combustible gas stoves in device. The working voltage of the input can be divided into dc by 1. 5 v and 3 v, 6 v, 9 v and ac 120 v, 240 v, etc. According to the input voltage can be divided into dc by 1. 5 v and 3 v, 6 v, 9 v, etc. According to the function of the output can be divided into one to eight the output side. Pulse ignitor T1, BG, R of oscillation booster circuit, will be 1. 5 v dc to 400 v alternating current (ac), after D rectifier to C1, when the C1 at both ends of the voltage to a certain value, the BG2 tube suddenly found, such as the switch resistance is very small, so C1 after T2 primary coil, discharge, the discharge time is very short, current is very big, so in secondary T, should be a high voltage, ( Up to 15 30 kv) It can produce spark discharge between two cap. In addition, when for BG2 tong, T1 subprime equivalent to short circuit, BG1 stop oscillation. When the discharge C1 and BG2 back to the open circuit state. BG1 and immediately start oscillation booster, repeat the work process, so the edm is intermittent continuous spark. Discharge frequency, at about 2. 5 - About 12 times/SEC.
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