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High voltage module manufacturer to discuss the role of anion generator

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Air negative ions, it is a kind of a substance of human health life, so also known as air vitamin, scientific studies have shown that the content of negative ions is a factor of air quality, containing the right amount of negative ions can not only remove dust in the air, also can purify air, have antiseptic sterilization effect. Anion generator using high pressure increase, anion in air is a device to generate air negative ions, it can improve air quality, to promote healthy body, the medical clinical practice has proved that negative ions on the respiratory system, circulatory system and nervous disease has the auxiliary curative effect, therefore has been widely used in life and medicine. The principle of anion generator is through pulse oscillation circuit, the low voltage for dc negative high voltage, through high pressure booster module in carbon fiber tip continuously produce high volt dc corona, emitting a large amount of electronic ( e- ) , and electronic cannot is present in the air for a long time, will immediately captured by the air oxygen molecules, thus forming a negative ion, it works with the natural phenomenon generated when the thunder and lightning phenomenon of the negative ions are consistent.
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