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Tianwang high voltage transformer

Tianwang high voltage transformer


High Voltage Generator:

1. Why does the igniter not catch fire?
There are several reasons why the igniter does not catch fire.
① The battery is low.
② The ignition head is wet, and the ignition head should be placed in the sun to dry. If it still can't be solved, please contact us.

2. How to connect?
The red line is connected to the positive pole and the white line is connected to the negative pole.

3. Can the igniter be used only in the fog machine?
This igniter can be used for gasoline, natural gas, etc.

4. In addition to input voltage 12V, are there other input volts?
The input voltage is within 3.7VDC-12VDC, can be customized.

5. How long can the ignition last?
Our high voltage generator is intermittent work, and can spark continuously for 2-3 minutes each time.

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