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Tianwang has 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, selling and sourcing customized ignition coil and igniter solutions for various equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our experience enables us to pursue excellence in product quality. All products are made of high-quality first-line brand raw materials, equipped with strict production process control procedures, complete production equipment, testing instruments, and perfect after-sales service. This makes our products in the same industry more assured in quality, more stable and reliable in product performance, and guarantees customers' safety requirements for products. Help customers and provide solutions.

Our products have a wide range of applications, such as: agricultural insecticides, gardening industry, medical amplifiers, food and engines, power supplies, water treatment equipment, wedding equipment, aerospace, military equipment and defense applications, etc.

High Voltage Generators

High Voltage Generators
Arc Lighter Transformer
DC Generator
HV generator for pig paddle
HV Electrostatic Generator
High voltage coil
Fuel oil Ingiter
Mist sprayer igniter
Wedding Equipment Ingiter
Gas Stove Igniter
Negative ion generator
Car heater igniter
Ozone Generator
TW-G-CY-220V 10g
TW-G-CY- Ozone Ceramic Plate
TW-G-CY-220V 20g
TW-G-CY-220V 5g
220V Ozone Generator
TW-G-CY-12V 10g
12V Ozone Generator
TW-G-CY-12V 5g
TW-G-CY-12V 20g
Arc Lighter
Electric Cigarette Lighter
Electric Candle Lighter
Electrostatic Sprayer
Mosquito Swatter
Electric Animal Prodder