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Hikvision DS - 19 a08 - 01BN( G) A series of professional network alarm host - bus system Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Eight plate carrying line protection zones, can be extended to 256 four onboard relay output, can be extended to 256 support two bus, each of up to 2400 m ( RVV2*1. 5毫米) , support, star, tree, hand in hand the bus topology bus non-polarity support through the network, telephone lines, GPRS mode upload alarm data to support mobile phone APP ( Alarm push programming, the remote machine, alarm and protection zones, etc) And support SMS cloth removal, p ( DS - 19 a08 - 01 BNG support) Support 4500 alarm event record, 500 events and management operation records, supports remote search query to the event log eight subsystems and a public subsystem supports two set of independent Ethernet turning center, 2 set of independent phone turning center and two groups of GPRS receiving alarm center support six independent group, each group of flexible configuration of alarm data upload, redundancy backup support regular cloth removal ( Daily plan, priority plan) Supports tamper, prevent mobile host alarm, tamper alarm detector ( Local 8 road) Support 1 road controlled alarm ( 12 v 750 ma) Output support CID report, support protection zones (cpis) supporting the reuse of telephone alarm linkage output, the system state events, events/recovery time and flexible configuration support 32 LCD keyboard includes a global keyboard and 31 subsystems, keyboard bus total length shall not be greater than 1. 2km( Φ 1. 5毫米) Support Contact ID protocol, support a setter (cpis) supporting the reuse of telephone users, a primary user, 199 users support 16 remote management operation, a remote data channel support 250 CID report cache support external battery, battery voltage real-time monitoring, advocate complementary power supply can support automatic switching AC 220 v power supply alarm output, keyboard, power supply, auxiliary power meter and over-current protection support 1 road 12 v / 1 a auxiliary electricity output advantage 1, long distance transmission, double bus support 14400 meters bus extension; 2, humanized design: the infinite connection, star/tree/hand in hand, networking, etc. ; 3, large capacity, access: total protection zones and triggers extend to 256, and can be matched one by one; 4, visual management, provide a number of different levels, different operating platform system client, for any set of alarm host, management, and can be easily done in software; 5, complete functions: support automatic identification equipment system, simple configuration; Provide a rich defence alarm; 6, means more flexible networking: support telephone, IP network, GPRS wireless transmission and networking, provide each transmission way two independent turning center, a total can provide 6 turning centers; 7, 256 when the trigger, timing missions. Room to improve in the technical level of the product, electric batons, has reached the height of the strong; Compared to the video products, how to quickly increase the market share, is the biggest test hikvision alarm products.
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