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Home appliance and what is the effect of domestic outfit is the fusion of electricity? - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Home appliances and household is two industries, so buy home appliance and decorate the two original need to be done at the same time, in the past often is done separately, but now, they are finally starting to fusion. The cloud network ( AVC) , according to a report in 2016, the number of embedded kitchen electric brand growth rate reached 40%, with the quality of consumer goods, electrical appliances began more than just a functional product, combine it with the kitchen decorate, electric batons, formed a beautiful whole together, at the same time this combination also represents a way of life. Fusion is lifestyle change at the end of last year, behind Tmall circuit city and home that Tmall business integration, set up home that electronics division. Home that Tmall appliances division head seal well told reporters, the PConline & other; From previous electrical appliances, to the current home appliances and home together, this home, actually is not just a scene, is life. Everyone from morning to evening rest, there are a lot of life scenes, including bedroom, living room, kitchen, restaurant, etc. , is a perfect living space. From the point of view of space, home appliances and household industry is not split, but in the same space. ” In a second-tier cities, due to the limited residential land, population increasing, the volume of residential rates are falling, in this case, the advantages of embedded kitchen, with its beautiful, efficient, has become the first choice of integration solutions. Once choose embedded kitchen, you have to plan the kitchen decorate, according to the specifications of home appliances such as dishwashers, reserved fluctuation conduit for thermal dissipation space has been reserved at the back of the oven, and so on. In the past, the kitchen is a place of cooking, but now, the change in lifestyle, cooking becomes a pleasure rather than the task, so the kitchen may also become a family communication emotional space. People began to realize that the kitchen can be better, more intelligent, more simple, this upgrade is consumption. The pursuit of more quality lifestyle is most people choose embedded kitchen real motivation. It is under the background of consumption upgrade, on May 23, Tmall SLOGAN from & other; Cat is enough & god throughout; Upgrade to & other; Ideal life god cat & throughout; Marks the Tmall complete across from the traditional retail to the new era. More and more people begin to use dishwasher to wash dishes, the clothes dryer for disinfection, with intelligent hardware monitoring body data. From these points, we can see the way of life change, but any one of them, could not completely represent a way of life. Well think, way of life the starting point should be the whole space, and other These dribs and drabs together is the way of life, it ( Lifestyle change) It is not each dot, but to put up the series of point, line and plane. ”
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