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by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
On December 18, Shanghai railway public security bureau of nanjing railway public security office notified to the society: Spring Festival will come, many migrant workers to avoid the peak passenger flow, return ahead of schedule, carry-on baggage is also varied. Recently, nantong, jiangsu haian the passenger security on duty at haian station, police found a passenger carrying eight defibrillator and a dozen flashlight. Immediately, the railway police the carrying stun guns were seized, and the passengers in accordance with the law. Police remind the defibrillator control class appliance, there is a risk that had been banned by train, parents can't lack of common sense, when playing toys to minors, lest cause personal injury. Spring Festival approaching, traffic, please try to go out early and leave enough time stops, security, at the same time to check your luggage to carry items, don't carry the restricted articles, in order to avoid danger or damage, affect their travel. ( Reporter GeYong editor Cao Meng sources, Shanghai railway public security bureau of nanjing railway public security office) ( Editor: last, MuNan] Want to report? Please log in the sunshine of attachment ( ) , call the news hotline at 0531 - 66661234 or 96678, or log in qilu nets official weibo, @ qilu nets) Provide clues to the news. Qilu network advertising hotline - 0531 81695052, we sincerely invite partners.
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