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Homemade model motorcycle

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

this is the European organization for diesel motor fan, held every year in Britain and France Germany, its title is green energy saving, from Europe Chai Ma fans from all walks of life come together to exchange experience. Description: ( ) Fuel consumption is lower than gasoline, diesel, ) Mainly to renewable energy - Vegetable oil as fuel, ) Vegetable oil price is lower than diesel, L barrels of less than RMB discount. Motorcycle is a farmer, Perhaps the farmer) , there is a place in the territory, large agricultural machinery can't go, so I modified the diesel motor. Need directly on the past, when connected to diesel engine can work. Such as irrigation, power generation, etc. After the launch of diesel motor video, most of whom were they.

Kipor cape V diesel engine cc PS. Kipor as domestic brand of diesel engine and turbocharged diesel engine, the domestic players can be modified. Homemade ural diesel motor tricycle ( PS km per hour - cc V L)
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