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How about the OEM service flow?
Our OEM service starts with the communication between our service team and you. Our service team will carefully listen to your OEM requirements and have the necessary know-how to provide you professional guidance and advise you on design, materials, techniques, and so on. Then our technical support team, namely, the design and production teams, ensures that your order is correctly processed, from start to finish. Our teams look after all aspects of designing right up to the final finishing. The difference is in the details. Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. gives great attention to getting the end product right to your requirements.

Tianwang continues to advance on a daily basis in developing and manufacturing of police baton. We have achieved recognition as a result of excellent manufacturing ability. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including candle lighter. The product has the advantage of high efficiency. It can produce more work consuming little energy and also less time. It has been tested by airborne seaborne safety. Tianwang has introduced advanced production equipment and assembly lines at home and abroad to form a complete industrial chain. Besides, we have built a scientific and complete quality inspection system to conduct comprehensive product testing. All this ensures that the quality and performance of high voltage generator are in line with international standards.

We have established environmental management systems at the workshop. This will ensure that all of the production activities comply with all legal stipulations. Besides, environmental risk assessments will be conducted to make sure no negative effects will be made on the environment.
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