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How big is 'lighter' ren 'bullets' fly? ( figure

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

powerful 'with' is
according to the electricity ( Reporter horse meaning her) A new type of 'hot weapon' recently popular on the Internet. This is called 'lighter' products from a lighter, a steel pipe, a metal cylindrical cavity simple assembly and become, in addition to operating than 'real gun' slightly cumbersome, launch 'ammunition' power is no less. After loading into the steel ball or metal arrow, can accurately to forty or fifty metres thick beer bottle shattered.
according to the clues, the reporter saw in several taobao shop 'to blow gun lighter dedicated'. According to people familiar with the 'gun type cigarette lighter' is the core of the 'lighter' firing unit. A shop owner told reporters, 'm through cm board is easy. Yuan, '' don't take a sight stainless steel chamber, tube yuan, lighter yuan, the yuan, to throw in the root of the arrow. The product, 'the shop owner says,' good pin now! 'The shop owner also remind: use process carefully,' power fierce 'don't be seen.
in accordance with the issued injuries force of appraisal criterion of forensic science, is greater than the muzzle kinetic energy. Joule per square centimeter can be judged. According to the study, 'lighter' power has been far more than standard, into the ''.
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