Professional stun gun, mosquito swatter, arc lighter, high voltage transformer manufacturer since 1990

How did Tianwang design burner ignition transformer ?
The specialist designers in Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. are accountable for this, which includes drafting, idea exchange, drawing, sample manufacturing, and test. A significant sum of cash in put into the ignition transformer design annually. It can be customized by us depending on your requirements. During this, negotiation and idea exchange are keys.

On the way of its history, Tianwang has been pioneering in electric mosquito racket designing and manufacturing in China. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including candle lighter. Stringent quality and safety standards are set for Tianwang self defense devices. They are physical performance testing, toxic and hazardous substance testing, fire testing, and others. It is available in a variety of colors and styles. The product has been widely appreciated by the people around the world.

We are marching forwards a more environmental-friendly and greener production way. We promise to eliminate any practices that will harm society and our environment. For example, during production, the waste will be carefully handled by our QC team.
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