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how does a furnace transformer work?

by:Tianwang     2020-06-13
Some gas stoves require 24 volts to operate timers, thermal controls, or ignition circuits.
But you only have 120 volts of electrical wiring.
The stove transformer can reduce the voltage of the house you use in the stove.
The housing voltage is connected through a circle of wires, called the primary coil of the transformer.
As AC (AC)
By changing the direction through the coil, it generates a magnetic line emitted from the coil.
When the force lines go through another coil called a secondary coil, they sense or produce electricity into that coil, which provides the output of the transformer.
Both the primary and secondary coils of the transformer are wound around an ordinary metal core to increase the amount of induction.
The core works better.
The output of the transformer depends on the number of wire loops in the primary and secondary coils.
Ideally, the turn ratio is 5-to-
1. the furnace transformer is reduced by 120 V to 24 V.
The wires in the coil must be insulated to prevent short circuit.
Sometimes, the heat generated by the transformer will destroy the insulation and eventually cause the insulation to fail.
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