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How is the quality of self defense shocker ?
The quality of the Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. self defense shocker is in a leading position in the market. Through advanced technology processing, this product enjoys longer service time than other products. In the production process, we will test the product several times to ensure its quality.

Tianwang is a Chinese manufacturer with years of experience. We are privileged to provide high quality candle lighter. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including high voltage inverter. The design of Tianwang furnace transformer takes many physical and chemical properties into consideration. They are strength, durability, handle, elasticity, colorfastness, luster, friction properties, moisture absorbance, heat isolation, abrasion resistance, etc. It can work for a very long time. The product features a rugged construction. Made of heavy-duty metals, it is able to withstand various kinds of elements such as shocks and vibration. Adopting electronic epoxy resin sealant encapsulating, it is waterproof and damp proof.

We think highly of ethical standards. Under this principle, we always do fair trade, refuse to manipulate or falsely advertise to our customers or potential consumers, as well as vicious business competition such as bidding up the price.
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