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How many buildings sitting on 'crater'

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

is located in the outskirts of liaoyang taizihe liaoyang kaijia hardware plastic co. , LTD. , is a local disposable lighters and a little famous production enterprise. Years factory id, there is a crude oil pipelines in the plant through the underground. The design of pipeline engineering in our country, the pipeline may through the catchment areas of cities, factories, airports, etc. However, in the pipeline, the factory has the production and business operation for years, its most areas - — Butane gas buffer tank and butane gas filling workshop, distance pipelines are in meters.
development and reform commission, the latest statistics show that the province is currently found in oil and gas pipeline safety, buildings and structures which tie up there.
in liaoyang city, there is a small factory of underground pipeline through, and by the way, is less than m from factory two coal-fired boiler. Although special screening campaign has been conducted for many days, but this has not been halted.
lighter factory built in pipelines, why management years been suspended? Liaoyang city development and reform commission deputy director wang, the laws and regulations is not clear, as the strictly on pipeline safety regulations in recent years, was responsible for the illegal situation. The reporters to the situation is not so simple. Relevant data shows, in the underground pipeline were completed and put into operation. Lighter factory in id here, the relevant departments to deal with land to use card for the factory, as well as the project examination and approval, construction, evaluation, safety evaluation and testing procedures.
lighter factory director wang say, if the department strict law enforcement from the beginning, not the examination and approval, also won't have today's concerns. 'Just now the factory has stopped, no one to planning, approval process, more no one to compensate the loss of the factory. The king say, 'may be hard to believe this kind of treatment of safe hidden trouble.
in panjin, for 'beautiful city' project supporting the construction of a school for the playground of pipeline through the underground, recently has been included in the hazard management unit. In an interview with reporters found that the planning, the examination and approval department also be responsible for the hidden trouble. However, panjin in hazard control, just change the pipeline line, no accountability is put forward.
  ( Reporter bing-kun wang) According to the shenyang month (
in recent years, underground pipeline safety accidents memorabilia
(date) (month) (year), dalian YueLin construction engineering co. , LTD in jinzhou new district near the parking lot for horizontal directional drilling construction, the petrochina xinda drill line pipeline leak, lead to the oil spill, spill oil into the municipal sewage pipe network, the network, a fire at the exit.
years, petroleum and petrochemical branch company in a pipeline oil spill pollution of the water supply enterprise artesian ditch, veolia water group co. , LTD. Detection, the factory water benzene content up to micrograms to micrograms, far beyond the national limit micrograms, snapping up mineral water caused the local residents.
(date) (month) (year), shandong Qingdao sinopec east yellow oil into the municipal drainage culvert, leakage of oil conveying pipeline in the form enclosed Spaces within the culvert of oil and gas accumulation in spark explosion. Accidents cause people killed and injured, direct economic loss of ten thousand yuan.
(date) (month) (year), the city liaoyang street suddenly collapse, people fall into a deep pit, two died, two injuries. The cause of the accident is the successive field intensity rainfall caused soil subsidence, the old drainage pipeline rupture, sediment into civil air defense engineering body piercing, eventually lead to ground subsidence.
(date) (month) (year), the zhuhai high-tech zone jiqing highway near the entrance, a dig broken during the construction of water supply company sinopec jinan to Qingdao section of pipeline, cause a lot of diesel oil leakage.
(date) (month) (year), the city near che zhuang street, xicheng district face suddenly collapsed, menstruation here a woman accidentally fell into a pit, by heat pipe leakage of hot water scald, by the hospital to rescue invalid death.
(date) (month) (year), nanjing qixia district in nanjing Wallace gao bridge street four plastic factory plot underground propylene pipeline leakage deflagration accident sites, a total of killing people, injured in hospital, which seriously, direct economic loss of ten thousand yuan.
  ( Reporter high respect) According to the month (
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