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by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Now as self-defense electric batons products become increasingly, let people appear very confusing when trying to choose, don't know to decide what to do about it. That how we can buy the most electric stick products quality guarantee? This is a question worthy of deep discussion, below let small make up to you to reassure it. First, we must to the formal professional electric batons manufacturer to choose and buy products, is the only way to be able to buy the most electric batons product quality level. Allowing people to get the most satisfaction. Second, we need to deal with service attitude good sales store, they can bring us WanShanHua after-sales service. To better solve the trouble back at home of people. Let the life of people more convenience. So everybody when purchasing an electric stick products must stay a mind's eye, can't too casual or deal with careless, otherwise it will bring adverse effect to their own life. Debugging rod rod to adjust the dc ac converter give B1 secondary voltage above 200 v, when connected to 39 k load should not be less than 160 v. After connection of the whole machine, lh-zd ablaze, high-voltage pulse transformer issue & other Pa, pa & throughout; The sound. To self-defense electric batons voltmeter 咵 between SCR Yang, cathode, meters maximum swing should be close to 150 v. Oscillation period should more than wipe oscillator and C2 charging cycle synchronization, which should be in the C2 when charged multivibrator trigger thyristor pulse arrival. This can be achieved by repeatedly adjust the value of R2, C2 and C3 to balance each other, in order to synchronization, as far as possible in order to obtain the best output. After adjusted the rod, high voltage pulse frequency in the 60 - minute 120 times.
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