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How to choose and buy riot self-defense equipment considerations - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Self-defense buy razor company is to introduce the self-defense equipment under considerations of choose and buy! Riot shields in use when there is a certain method, only use proper use can have the effect of protection, if use undeserved, would be counterproductive, so how to correctly use the riot shields will make its maximum protection? When using riot shields need to be the left arm of the inside the hanging belt, hand to hold the handle, put his fingers in place can touch switch button. In the use of electric shock, light emission of the projectile, you need to switch the corresponding first and work instructions, with the lights burning finger touch switch button. Use only need to shut down after the insurance switch can be reset to stop. When using the launcher, can will need to use the bomb into the bottom of the canister launcher, then open the switch, the corresponding insurance work indicator, fingers open corresponding artillery firing switch, can for the projectile launch function. Riot helmets while our basic will not use at ordinary times, but as the saying goes, prosperity die, know a little knowledge of riot helmet is necessary. So riot helmets when the choose and buy what are the considerations? We are going to see a helmet safety sign, production license is in line with the national standards, if choose and buy is imported riot helmets, we also want to see if like the riot helmet safety sign of the country. Remember that a good helmet must be hard enough. So when we choose and buy, we can be in different positions of the helmet to the internal pressure, see the helmet will be out of shape. Finally, and most important. Suits own is the best, no matter how, the merchant said is not suitable for their good won't again. So in the choose and buy when we want to try first, to see if the size is just, whether it feels comfortable. Above is self-defense self-defense equipment electric batons company according to our own experience some matters needing attention about self-defense equipment when the choose and buy, if you have better suggestion, welcome to contact us at any time the WWW. fsqczm。 com。
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