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How to control the quality of high voltage generator

How to control the quality of high voltage generator


High voltage generator manufacturer--Tianwang teach you how to control the quality of high-voltage generator

With the rapid development of my country's economy, the ignition coil has been gradually applied to various electronic industries, and the development potential of the ignition transformer is very considerable.

At present, there are three main problems in high voltage module:

1. Quality concept

Step up power module production is a labor-intensive industry and requires manual operations. Some companies have a weak concept of product quality and insufficient training and management of product quality inspection, resulting in unstable product quality.

2. Insufficient research and development capabilities

Due to the lack of funds and manpower, many companies are restricted by their development capabilities, and there are problems in product development and detailed control, resulting in product defects.

3. Raw material issues

Some high-voltage generator companies replace the shell with old high-voltage generator for immediate benefit, and serve as new after refurbishment. They even sell windings with aluminum wires instead of copper wires, and cores use scrap silicon steel sheets. These shoddy frauds have seriously affected the normal business order of the entire industry, and vicious low-price competition among enterprises has led to a vicious circle of product quality.

Low price determines the cost of a product. The focus is always on price and cannot support other R&D and quality. As one of the main components in the product, the quality of high voltage coil directly determines the quality. Consumers need to inspect the factory before purchasing, and put quality first. As a 30-year high-voltage generator manufacturer, Tianwang strives to achieve order and standardization of the company. From product research and development, raw material procurement, to production and quality inspection, every procedure in the middle is strictly controlled. Bring high-quality products to customers. Focusing on quality, investing in research and development, and establishing a brand can truly help consumers.

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