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How to correct operation of high-energy ignition

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
High-energy ignition is applied widely in industrial ignition ignition device, mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, ceramics, machinery and other industries, can be lighted medium gas, fuel oil, light oil, heavy oil, it is mainly used for industrial furnace ignition and tossing in the torch ignition, from here we can see that using high energy ignition of situation to very much, and some factory purchase quantity and the amount of each year to replace every time very much, so how to correct operation of high-energy ignition? Then we for you to list the correct operation of high-energy ignition points: 1, must ensure that the three parts of the high energy ignition ( Igniter cabinet, ignition rod, ignition cable) Connection, so as to avoid leakage. 2, ignition, should first open ignition device, then the injection ( Gas) Ignition; High energy ignition we in the factory has set up a time control, generally for 10 s. 3, ignition rod ignition end installed in 30 ~ 50 mm before burning mouth nozzle, gas burner take a smaller distance, fuel burner for greater distance. 4, should fuel atomization, good atomization poor quality affect ignition success rate. 5, the ignition rod of the front is a special structure, the user must not ignition rod sawing a piece after use.
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