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How to identify peng lighter?

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

how to identify?
and all the real peng port screw unscrew after careful observation, inside has a very uniform color code ( Red, yellow, blue, etc. ) , this is counterfeit or not. And the corresponding peng special gas, everyone can go to store to see peng's special gas lighter inflatable bottle has a different color code, the corresponding air-filled lighter color code on the thread screw in inflatable mouth after aerated. ( But other gases can also be, but there is no original gas combustion flame color uniform, good-looking, but also affects the lighter use fixed number of year) And the false, there is no this color code. ( Does not exclude the use really screw to take on the false of the lighter) There is much experience after listening to the difference.
  . Is the appearance of the lighter; Authentic lighter appearance is perfect, and imitation of more or less there will be a little flaw!
  . The font is lighter; Authenticity is a very fine is very small and very clear, imitation of rough and fonts bigger! ! ! ! The third problem is the packaging, everybody must be very rare quality goods packaging! Actually this is very simple, you can go to you there shop to ask peng lighter. And copy of quality and workmanship are cutting corners, not inside card is less manual printing is not good. So this is also a big problem.
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