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How to mainten and repair high voltage modules?

How to mainten and repair high voltage modules?


1. First, find out the fault location. The high voltage transformer of the faulty machine is generally full of dust. Some high voltage modules have obvious breakdown holes on the surface, others have only invisible cracks on the surface. If you do not look carefully, it is difficult to find. Careful inspection is necessary. It is necessary to observe when power is on, and some minor faults must be energized in a dark environment to find the arc.

2. Secondly, deal with the fault location.The fault parts can not be taken to wipe the dust, scratch the surface.The fault parts should be thoroughly cleaned.Method is: with a sharp blade will be punctured loopholes or cracks for appropriate expansion, thoroughly remove the scorched matter, and then use electric hair dryer for drying treatment.

3. Finally, to repair the fault, fill it with silicone sealant first.Note: It should be filled several times to make the patching part protrude properly. After drying, it can be covered with several layers of epoxy resin adhesive.

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