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How to make more durable flame detector

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Because of the use of flame detector environment is special, so we can see the service life of the present is very uneven, and some people not bad one machine can use three to five years, some people may use were used in two months. We need in daily detector for the custody and care properly, for example on storage of detector, you need to pay attention to use special box to put, daily use when handling also pay special attention to don't let the noise of detector test mouth against other hard objects, more need to be careful not to fall. On install to some of the boiler flame detector for long-term or short-term tests, we need to pay attention to light with light, and for the placement of detector port should also pay more attention to its position, be careful not to directly face the center of high temperature, but should choose a bit more around the region. Also, daily use, or install and use, after every once in a while, we'd better have flame detector for a thorough cleaning and nursing, using special cleaning fluid to wipe with clean the surface of the detector, remove some because of high temperature and the carpet, at the same time drop some lubricating oil for maintenance.
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