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How to operate electric stick ?
Follow the Instructions while operating electric stick . If you need help, call us to get necessary technical guidelines for operation and maintenance. We can support you in product operation with a comprehensive package of services to ensure you receive the expected return on investment.  With intimate knowledge of the design and operational parameters provided, we are sure that you will get electric stick installed properly under our instruction.

Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of boiler transformer. We have been progressing with sound steps and accumulating experience over the years. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including transformer igniter. The design of Tianwang stun gun covers different areas of consideration. They are silhouette, fabric, color, pattern, texture, graphics, fashion direction, and so forth. It has been tested by airborne seaborne safety. Strong in strength and strict in the management, Tianwang has modern production workshops, consummate manufacturing technology, and advanced production equipment. We also run a comprehensive quality management system. All these are the strong guarantee for the production of high-quality electronic usb lighter.

We are trying hard to cut carbon footprint during production. We do materials recycling work, engage in waste management, and actively conserve energy or resources. In doing these, we hope we can contribute to environmental protection.
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