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How to purchase self defense stun baton ?
Easily put an order for regular items or tell us your needs, our customer service team will show you what to do. Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures stun baton especially and exclusively for your firm. All you need to do is discuss your ideas before purchasing and we'll try our best to make it real. If you have any special questions or requirements, consult with our Customer Service. We are here to assist.

Tianwang is a well-known professional supplier of self defense devices. We integrate product research, development, manufacture, and sales. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including police baton. Numbers of critical tests are carried out on Tianwang high voltage module. They include structure safety testing (stability and strength) and surfaces durability testing (resistance to abrasion, impacts, scrapes, scratches, heat, and chemicals). With the advantages of cold resistance, heat resistance, and moisture resistance, it is easy to store. The product is perceived with high commercial value and will be more applied in the market. The product is leak-proof and totally safe.

Our commitment is clear: we want to know it all. We like to have in-depth knowledge of the products we offer and take responsibility for the technical solutions we propose, from start to finish, maintaining full control over the delivery quality and deadlines.
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