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How to wire the electrostatic generator for sprayer

How to wire the electrostatic generator for sprayer


How to wire the electrostatic generator for electric sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer is composed of a backpack-type handheld electric sprayer and a high voltage electrostatic generator. Its working principle is to use high voltage electrostatic generator to generate static electricity so that the sprayer with static charge and is adsorbed on the object. A high voltage electrostatic field is formed between the spray head and the crop. When the liquid passes through the spray head, high voltage static electricity is generated, and after spraying from the spray head, it becomes a mist droplet with static charge. Under the action of the electrostatic field, both the front and back of the leaves and the branches can absorb the droplets evenly.

Many sprayer manufacturers will consult us how to wire the electrostatic generator? The electrostatic high-voltage generator is divided into an input terminal and an output terminal. The input terminals of our conventional high voltage electrostatic generator are red and white wires. The red poles are positive and white poles are negative. The wire diameter of the input terminal is smaller than the output terminal. After distinguishing the input and output terminals, we will talk about its wiring method. The input terminal is connected to the power supply, the red is connected to the positive electrode, and the white is connected to the negative electrode. The red positive pole at the output is connected to the water tank, and the black positive pole is connected to the handle switch.

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