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Hubei xiantao host 'of Eva into JingYing happy children' - theme activities Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
On May 28, electric batons, garden city in hubei province public security bureau held 'of Eva into JingYing' celebration of 'children' theme activities, 35 of Eva feel funny, parents call touched, in succession to active point praise. Small long vacation after the Dragon Boat Festival is 'June 1' children's day, for many parents, use the Dragon Boat Festival holiday with their children have a happy 'children' is an important living arrangements. However, for 'pass' of the masses of for the feast, public security of the people's police, not only to stick to on the job, also often can not get the understanding of children. Why do other people's parents accompany together to buy new clothes, see the show, and fun, tasty, our parents did not even have a lit. Before it, from the Dragon Boat Festival continued the centralized inventory, the city set up checked posts to see if they can ride to today's one thousand people, the paper city flower tourism festival dragon boat race, jing long security and other large-scale activities, as well as conventional JieChuJing, street patrols and ShuDu bao chang policing work, such as the police sorghum must stick to jobs, win the protracted war, create a good environment of public security. To active, concerned about the next generation of growth, the care for police bureau political department actively advocating the concept of 'harmonious JingYing, happy family', using the dragon-boat festival holiday organization to carry out the 'of Eva into JingYing' celebration of 'children' theme activities, to improve children's understanding of parents and the public security work and police support. In the special police detachment, neat slogan loud and grand, the stiffness and strong action, advanced high-end equipment, overcomes the skill, of Eva are expressed in a big round of applause and cheers of inner admiration. At police detachment, understand the police dog breeds, watch dog under the instruction of dog search for suspicious, obstacle, assault bite 'suspect', wearing a protective property of the Eva feelings for dogs from fear to kind, from screaming to touch, feel the dog on the enemy's fierce and docile of friends. In the command center, visit the urban street video monitoring, understand JieChuJing disposal process, and the street patrol police dad dialogue, with the local police station police on duty dad video, Eva Eva to appreciate the charm of the modern technology of police. 'Police's uncle is great, can catch the criminals, to protect our peace. 'Of Eva coke said,' dad rest assured, I will darling listen to your grandpa's grandmother, study hard, grow up for when the father's good cop. '' although together less than an hour, but to show our special police image in front of children, instantly feel the three days of on duty BeiQin are worth it. 'Dad he wei is feeling the policeman,' lead to do well for their children, badge to glory. ”( JingYan) Share to: ( Coordinating editor: koutou hi yan, Zhou Tian)
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