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Hunan changsha cigarette lighters accessories

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

xuzhou nameplates, hao lighters accessories factory was established in (date) (month) (year), now there are more than the national franchise. Its more workers and technicians, the company in line with the principle of 'honesty, customer first', relying on the Ling Ming hao lighters 】 Brand in the national war '. Xuzhou nameplates, hao lighters accessories have painted painted by China quality credit enterprise association certification, no. - 。 & Hill head, such as nine horse running of the groove. The top of the hill a ginkgo, original calendar chitose, folded. Precious little bark is stripped, tree is easy water, have been struck by lightning, often from tree heart burn, the fire fire fighting is invalid. S a burned a day and a night, now only have deeply charred stumps, about meters high, two people still can not be folded.
Changsha have a ballad 'shadow bead mountain, from the day. 。 。
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