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Ignition coil transformer - in guangdong Factory quality assurance

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Ignition coil service life of the transformer, the service life of the ignition coil and operation has a lot to do, so before use to operate in accordance with the requirements, carefully read the note, when necessary, can contact customer service. High voltage module for scientific experiments, electronic instruments, anion generator, the student science experimental apparatus of high voltage source is used. High voltage module output, small volume, high efficiency, high voltage pulse discharge intensity. Determine the damage of the ignition coil when the circuit is not short circuit, voltage is couldn't get on, but you can use the tweezers to short-circuit the driver stage transformer primary, ( Can be judged that the main voltage is dc short circuit or short circuit, communication such as short circuit, voltage can resume normal, indicating communication short circuit; If after a short circuit, main power supply circuit voltage still had planted phenomenon, indicating dc short circuit. ) If the pipe collector voltage restored at this time, so there is 90% ignition coil damaged, very accurate. Colorful display line output and color television output big difference between the high voltage output and to internal and a high voltage capacitor, and color TV set is not. 98% of the line capacitance damage reason is that the output voltage breakdown, so using model 500 multimeter * 10 k file measuring high pressure cap is not infinite resistance to ground, it must be bad. Such as couldn't measure the resistance, capacitance meter measure pressure capacity between the cap and, 99% of the output capacitance of the line in p - 2700 About 3000 p, some p - in 4000 6000 p, such as less than 2500 p breakdown, the capacitance have also been line output even can also be used, then may hear '- 'Ring, the capacitance within the line is the output of the lighter, and images. In most cases the multimeter resistance can accurately and quickly determine the primary and secondary whether there is a short circuit, travel has become ( The circuit has not met) , interstage leakage, high pressure damage problem. Normally the multimeter R * 100 k file ( This file type MF10 table) Or R * 10 k file, red pens and Yang high pressure circlip, black pens and all pins of the ignition coil, respectively, to test, if there is resistance, with any foot that the ignition coil will be bad. If the previous line is not sure whether the damage, then change the way, a pens and grounding and the other pens and respectively to pick up all the pins ( Including the lead) , between normal ignition coil in the measured acceleration and whose hands will have a small amplitude of oscillation, when it has to do with speed knob's position, other pins should not be any resistance. The downside of this approach is not in line don't change of turn-to-turn short circuit. This is the multimeter voltage profile to verify. The method is: use multimeter stalls or higher dc 500 v voltage, red pens and accelerate lead solder joints, black pens and grounding, electricity a try and see the voltage is how many? Adjustable? If can change within the normal range, the line itself is normal
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