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In daily life and common sense, should pay attention to details Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
One, back to the house before ready to open the door key, don't stand at the door to find the key. Second, the drive my friend home, such as friends into the home is good for you to leave. Three, common in the body must be equipped with the amount of change, COINS) 。 Four, misfortune, must be calm and remember each other's characteristics. Five, the female friends to have a condom, misfortune, ask for use. Six, driving, must be locked the door. Parking stall after lights out, stay in the car a little observation for a moment and then drive door, put valuables out of sight. Seven, put inside my wallet has its own name and family name, telephone CARDS. Eight, to open more than two bank account, usually with only pocket money ( It is good to go out enough) The ATM card. Hope can reduce the accident to the minimum, if had an accident unfortunately, also as far as possible to reduce the damage to a minimum. A, in and out of the elevator, whether the note with a face of evil, and not according to the floor, stand in the place where the control knob, once being attacked, immediately with his hand slapping each floor button, at this moment, the elevator will stop in each floor, at the same time foreign shout 'fire! 'Don't unarmed battled against gangsters. Second, if the people to share a room, must took three chapters, shall not be arbitrarily the keys to the other friends, free from complex. Three, evening go out to take a coat, leather bag set to live, to avoid being robbed. Four, once found being tracked, flap with leather bags can be kicked or roadside parking, trigger the noise and get noticed. Have five, a taxi, pay attention to the front seat reclined, in case the possession of others. Six, drive, get on the bus before pay attention to have people around, get on the car after the first action is to press the door lock, just in case someone suddenly opened the door and into the; When parking, don't write home phone in front of the window, avoid someone mean to call you move the car: either good or bad. Seven, for false accident, robbery, encountered a car accident, don't come out right away, it's best to calm look whether there are several people or furious, best to drive away immediately, fierce horn at the same time, to attract the attention of others. Eight, parking, if you have his car with, be in order, don't come out immediately, after waiting for the other car first go far, in case the hijacked. Nine, single to drink in public places, if no drink, go to the toilet or leave a phone call, you'd better don't drink again after, in order to avoid the middle was drugged. Ten, late, should go well-lit streets, or walking backward, in order to grasp the road; When go upstairs, please ring the doorbell first family downstairs, so as to avoid criminals hiding in the stair well.
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